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Tilt This Way Please!

Real Scientists (not the NWO media) believe the Earth's climate system is directly linked to the Earth's celestial motions. Mars has a retrograde in it's orbit, Earth has a axial tilt. Called obliquity.

When the Earth tilts, the molten iron core "sloshes", like a waterbed in a van going around a corner. And now scientists are chasing the magnetic north pole, because of this effect.


When the Earth tilts, the planet heats up. Being 75% water, condensation rises cools then returns to the earth as CLEAN WATER. Your Satanic masters DO NOT WANT THIS!


A healthy (& large) population is one of their FEARS!

The Antarctica continent froze over, within the last 30 to 35 million years. And now that it is thawing out, you will see the global warming terrorist countries make a quick land grab. If they haven't already agreed, to who gets what.

The continent below a frozen sea, will return.

Saluto Romano ALANTIS!

I wonder how the tilt will affect the Kyrgyz people on the Wakhan Corridor?

Kyrgyz People

[Dedication: To Joshua C Tom
Social Origins of Scientific Deviance: Examining Creationism and Global Warming Skepticism.
Sociological Perspectives - VOL 6 #3 - June 2018]

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