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Offical First Post!

Christian Marijuana Organization is a "Bible Christian" website. We are not recognized by any Church or Government

....Thank God!

I will be talking about Christians, marijuana, and what ever or where ever my mind takes me. This Blah Blah Blog will be my personal beliefs and thoughts. Any description of any act whatsoever will be considered a flight of fancy. Please inform the flight attendant of your choice of butterscotch or buttergin. I am NOT responsible for any debt, other than my own. At some point I WILL offend you, if not I will try again later.

I am having another terrible growing year, yet I resist giving up the challenge,of growing in the real world, and not some aero-hydro grow "lab". I was at one time, one of the best hydroponic sinsemilla growers in North Dallas. I was also unknown, because I did not sell. Not that I was greedy, no, if I showed up at a party, everyone knew I had a big bag of "dro". And I never left with so much as a roach. But for the last few years Satan has been pissing on me. I don't know if he's bored, or it just amuses him. He needs to go back to Las Vegas or Des Moines!

I really like growing outdoors for so many reasons. Multiple locations means more pollen control, more quantity and security. DNTTC! (Do not talk to cops!) Most cops will only make a case against you (charge you with a crime), IF YOU TELL THEM WHAT YOU DID. You have a right (a God given right) not to say anything (or put it on Facebook, Tweet, or Blah Blah Blog)! Think about it. The first thing a cop may say to you is "What are you doing?"

To which I reply...."Hi! I'm Mikey, wanna be friends? I don't drive anymore, but I can go to the bank by myself. I like cats, do you have a police dog?"

Cat Springs
May 10 2010


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