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Is It Really Helping?

When I was in Pocatello Idaho, I use to watch the Mormons bring food and clothing to a young couple. Then later the meth dealer would deliver the dope and pick up the cash.

So, were the Mormons really helping?

Bible Christians don't tithe to "churches or social organizations". Bible Christians go out into the community and help those who DESERVE to be helped.

Bible Christians don't build multi-million dollar churches. We use that money to help those who DESERVE to be helped.

Walking downtown, I met a group of people. Two mormon missionaries and a young couple that lived in an apartment over the offices. The missionaries said if the young couple joined the church, they could help.

I pulled out $20 and gave it to them. It wasn't their rent, but more than the Mormons effort.

But I'm sure they have a very pretty church.

Cat Springs
MAY 26 2019

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